Tyranny of Dragons

Book 1, Episode 1: Greenest In Flames

Governor Nighthill



Blue Dragon

Ambush Drake

Langdedrosa Cyanwrath

Enialias Journal Day 1
Entry into Greenest

I have left my isolation in order to finally take out my vengeance. My physical wounds have healed but the mental ones still remain. I have discovered that my targets are planning to be in Greenest next. I planed to make my way there when I happened upon a small group of adventurers. I ran into Ni-Zam and Francis on the road. They were heading to Greenest themselves so I was able to join up with them. I was able to catch up on what was going on in the world. We happened to stop at a local tavern for a short rest where we ran into a strange fellow by the name of Ono-Cono. He was looking for work and was interested in traveling to Greenist. As we approached the town, we noticed the town was under duress.
We ran into town to see what was happening when we fell upon a small family being chased by a pack of Kobolds. We were able to intervene and save the family. They brought us to the town’s keep where we met Governor Knighthill. He asked us to help out the town and save the town’s center of commerce the flour mill. We were able to disperse the guards outside as well as the group inside without much trouble. Once we were able to take the mill, several of the town guard showed up to take charge. They informed us that there was a group of people under siege barricaded in the cathedral.
We arrived outside of the church and noticed that there was several different groups blocking our way in to the building. We picked out the smallest of the group who were trying to smoke out the citizens inside. We were able to take care of the small group and gain entrance to the church. Ono was able to calm the group and Ni-Zam was able to convince the priest that our best bet was to cover the group back to the keep. I was able to scout ahead and keep the group out of danger and we made it back to the keep without losing a soul.
Once back at the keep, we came under attack by a blue dragon. We drove him off with a few well placed shots. However we did lose one poor soul to the dragon’s attack. Perhaps his next incarnation will be stronger. Once back inside, there came the booming voice of a humanoid creature beckoning us to a challenge. He asked for the strongest fighter to face him in combat and he would release his captives. I decided to take on the challenge myself. I came to find out that his name is Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, a half dragon fighter type. I figured that this would be a good test of my skills before I find my targets. He was as good as his word and released the children but held onto the woman until after the fight. I know he was toying with me at first. I was able to land a few jabs and I hoped that I could do some damage before he realized my true abilities. However, i missed with a couple of my blows and before I new it, he knocked me out. I came to find out after I regained consciousness that the half dragon let go of the woman and took his raiding party out of the town. The governor thanked us and let us know that there was an encampment not too far from town. This will be our next target.

Francis's Journal - 2
Seige on Greenest

It is dusk as we approach Greenest. As get closer we can see the city is under siege. When we get cities edge the rumors are confirmed. I see the menacing dark blue silhouette of a dragon pass over the bright moon. My focus quickly returns to the chaos of town’s folk fleeing for their lives as the city is being attack and set a blaze. A family passes closely by us, in fear of being cut down by a band of vicious kolbots. As the woman turns to stand her ground. We act on instinct and protect the family. Once the kobolds are dead she introduces herself as Lyman. She tells us everyone is heading for the safety of the keep. Once at the keep we speak to Governor Kighthill. He is most gracious that we arrived when we did. He asks us to help protect the people and secure the resource of Greenest from the attack. He is willing to reward us for our acts of heroism.


He tells us we are to travel from the keep to the river on the edge of Greenest via a secret tunnel. Once we get to the river, we are to make our way to the flour mil and protect it from the raiders. At the mill we see they are burning brush outside of the mill but are not trying to actually burn the place down. We take out a few invaders.

After a short rest some of the city guard show up. They inform us that governor Knighthill has a new mission for us. We are to rescue villagers trapped in the Chantey Temple and lead them back to the keep. We avoid the massive patrol wandering around the temple, and dispatch a small group trying to smoke out the villages. We keep one of the human invaders alive for questioning later. Once inside Ono played a calming song. We convince the priest that we can lead the group to safety via a tunnel by the rivers edge. Entails scouts the path out, and we safely get the villagers to the keep.

Moments after getting to the keep the giant blue dragon starts destroy the keep from above. We bravely turn the dragon away, before he can do too much damage to the keep. We spend time interrogating the captured human. Ni-zam convinces him to tells us who the invaders are. They are the Cult of the Dragon, and they have set up camp outside Greenest.


Soon after we calm our nerve from the dragon attack, we hear a loud booming voice outside the keep. It is the voice of a massive blur half dragon. He announces himself as Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, champion of the Cult of the Dragon. He brings forth 4 captured city folk, one woman and three children. He claims he will release the townsfolk if we accept his demands. He insists we bring out a champion of our own to battle him one-on-one for their release. The brave and skilled Enialias accepts this challenge. Just for showing up for the challenge he, in good faith, releases the 3 children. By the power of Talso, I bless Enialias to aid him in battle. It was a great effort on Enialias part, but he falls in combat. I quickly stabilize him and Langdedrosa honors his word. He releases the woman and allows us to retreat back to the keep.

Francis's Journal - 1
Road to Greenest

My good friend and mentor Ontharr Frume asked me to travel to Greenest. He had heard rumors of dragon activity, and asked if i could confirm this. If these rumors and the haunting vision i have been having are true, all of the regions of the Sword Coast and beyond are in danger.

Its a few days travel to reach Greenest from the Cloak Wood. As I travel the road to Greenest I met 3 hero all heading to Greenest. A Bard named Ono Cono. He is as quick with his rapier as he is with a song. Ni-zam Al-Khem a wild and mysterious sorcerer. And a man that is more attuned to nature than even myself. A Wood Elf monk that goes by the name Enialias Amastacia. We all seem to have drive, will and determination to be great hero. I have a feeling I can trust this group to do the right thing when the chips are down. Only time will tell.

new sensation
ono cono

While scared out of our wits in Greenest. A young lad and his band saved us with perplexing
melodies and calming lyrics. This Ono Cono is a new sensation for the coast! He says he came from the north and was a part of Capt. Willie’s “Circus of Wonder”. There is only up for this inspired bard!!!

-Capious Vitt of “Tumbling Pebble”

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