Enialias Amastacia

Wood Elf Monk of Mielikki


11th Level LN Outlander Monk of Mielikki

Height 5’11" Weight 130lbs
Str-12 (1)
Dex-20 (
Con-16 (3)
Int-10 (0)
Cha-12 (+1)

AC-19 (Dex 4, Wis +4, + Base 10, Mask1) (Unarmored Defense)
Speed 55 (Fleet of Foot)

Dragongleam 10 to Hit 1d8 6
Unarmed Attack 9 to Hit 1d8 6 (Martial Arts)
Darts 9 to Hit 1d86 (20/60)
Stagbow 10 to Hit (1d86)

HP 113

Explorers Pack
Monks Clothing


I was raised in a small cloister in the Misty Forest dedicated to the Goddess Mielikki. I was trained in the ideals of self perfection in order to protect the forest. We trained to be the vengeance of the forest. We worked to balance our physical abilities with our atunement to the natural world. We are the everywhere. We have our eyes and ears open so as to not allow the encroachment of mankind. We all must take our turn to leave the forest to grow and test our abilities as well as to gain knowledge of the outside world. No matter where I go, I always have a small piece of home and a reminder of what my ultimate goal is. I have joined up with this group of adventurers as a guide to the wildernesses. i also see that they can aid me in the quest to gain experience to bring back to my cloister.

Enialias Amastacia

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