Tyranny of Dragons

Book 2, Episode 6: Metallic Dragons Arise

-Council of Dragons

Five ancient dragons make up the council charged with deciding their metallic kin’s response to the cult.

Protanther, Male Gold Dragon

Protanther wants a formal apology from one who speaks for elvenkind for the abomination that was the Dracorage mythal. He is willing to trust that the adventurers can wring such an apology from King Melandrach on the council.

Ileuthra, Male Brass Dragon

Ileuthra believes that the dragon masks are too dangerous to remain in the world if the humanoid races are aware of where they’re hidden.If the characters agree that all dragon masks will be handed over to the metallic dragons as soon as they are found.

Otaaryliakkarnos , Female Silver Dragon

Otaaryliakkarnos knows that the skin of her slain kin was used to make armor for the dwarf lord who slew her. She demands the remains be returned and that Ambassador Brawnanvil make an apology on behalf of all dwarves for the wrongful deaths the Dragonmoots have caused.

Nymmurh, Male Bronze Dragon

Nymmurh needs no concession.

Tazmikella, Female Copper Dragon

Hazirawn turns out to have once belonged to Tazmikella, and was part of a hoard she took from an ancient black dragon she defeated. The item holds sentimental value to her or it did until a thief stole it from her hoard. She would like it returned to her



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